Windows 10 (failed) upgrade recovery

I recently upgraded my workstation to Windows 10 and after a couple of days regretted that decision because my machine ran so slow that it was unusable. I tried the Windows 10 uninstall and now I know it doesn’t work. Fortunately I backup my machine with ShadowSafe. I knew that since there was no way to uninstall the Windows 10 upgrade, my only choice was to do a restore from my ShadowSafe backup images and take my machine back to Windows 7 Professional. With the help of vitalEsafe, we booted my machine with the recovery ShadowProtect CD-ROM and restored my entire machine from a backup that was taken 4 days earlier (and back to Windows 7 Professional). I was back in business in 2 hours. If I had not been using the ShadowSafe backup and disaster recovery service, recovering from this misadventure would have taken me weeks and I don’t know if I could have ever gotten the machine back to its exact configuration. I will continue to invest in ShadowSafe as long as I am computing.
— Bob Schwoeffermann, Owner
Ledgerwood Associates, Portland, OR