ShadowSafe is the result of our designers spending three decades observing the multitude of ways that systems and humans fail. Our  solution is:

  • Automated - ShadowSafe runs unattended without user intervention or interruption to normal business operations.

  • Comprehensive - ShadowSafe backs up not only your files, but also your programs, applications, and configurations, creating complete copies of your system that are maintained for at least a year.

  • Secure - ShadowSafe encrypts (AES-256) every backup image from the moment it is taken and for as long as it is stored.

  • Fast - In addition to providing offsite backups at multiple geographically distant sites, ShadowSafe maintains an onsite backup for speed in recovery of lost or compromised data.

  • Reliable - ShadowSafe tests backups on a daily basis and monitors offsite uploads to ensure that they are working.

  • Complete - With ShadowSafe, everything you need (hardware, software, installation, training, support, monitoring, and disaster recovery) is included in your monthly subscription.

  • User-Friendly - No work is required by your employees; ShadowSafe manages the entire process and sends daily emails confirming that backups have run successfully.